Coronavirus corruption a new headache for Brazilian governors

The misuse of funds to fight Covid-19 has been its own epidemic in Brazil, with over half a dozen state governments now in trouble with law enforcement

Coronavirus corruption new headache for Brazilian governors
Hundreds of graves were dug in the Vila Formosa cemetery. Photo: BW Press/Shutterstock

Allegations of corruption linked to the misuse of the state’s coronavirus budget have led to the downfall of Rio de Janeiro Governor Wilson Witzel, who has been suspended from office and awaits an impeachment trial that is almost certainly going to go against him. Now, the Federal Police is zeroing in on at least six other state governors suspected of mishandling funds earmarked for the anti-Covid-19 effort. Meanwhile, investigations into the misappropriation of funds have been opened in all 27 Brazilian states.

With the arrival of the coronavirus, Congress quickly declared a nationwide state of emergency until December 2020....

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