Money laundering agency ties Brazil’s First Lady to shady operator

Connections between the Bolsonaros and money-laundering operator Fabrício Queiroz run deep, with uncovered suspected checks to the First Lady

Money laundering agency ties Brazil's First Lady to shady operator
First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: Carolina Antunes/PR

Fabrício Queiroz, an obscure former cop who worked as a fixer for President Jair Bolsonaro’s family, was thrust into the public spotlight late in 2018. A report by Brazil’s money laundering enforcement agency raised suspicions that now-Senator Flávio Bolsonaro — who was then a state lawmaker — was running, with the help of Mr. Queiroz, a corruption scheme consisting of forcing staff members to surrender part of their paychecks. At the time, the scandal seemed more confined to the universe of Rio de Janeiro’s local politics, with one exception: ten checks amounting to BRL 24,000 (USD 4,400), made out...

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