Operation Car Wash: the end (seems) near

Brazil's far-reaching probe has suffered a series of defeats, turning what was once a regular headline-grabbing probe into a dwindling afterthought

Operation Car Wash: the end (seems) near
Super Sergio Moro inflatable dolls for sale at a demonstration. Photo: Nancy Ayumi Kunihiro/Shutterstock

In the morning of June 18, federal marshals in three municipalities in Rio de Janeiro state carried out search and seizure warrants at the homes of suspects of taking part in a corruption ring within Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil and gas giant. This was the 71st phase of the country’s sprawling Operation Car Wash investigation, but it was the first operation in 2020, which is looking to be by far the least productive year of the task force since its launch in 2014.

Once considered an unstoppable anti-corruption force, Operation Car Wash is seeing its wings clipped on a...

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