What good will come of Brazil’s biggest paper’s pro-democracy stand?

Folha changes its masthead in support of democracy and against Bolsonaro. But what good will this do in a country where the media is met with distrust?

What good will come of Brazil's biggest paper's pro democracy stand?
Jair Bolsonaro bashes Folha de S.Paulo. Photo: Still from NBR

Amid rising institutional tensions in Brazil, with supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro taking to the streets to openly call for military intervention and the closure of Congress and the Supreme Court, the country’s most influential newspaper has taken a stand. Folha de S. Paulo, the paper with the biggest circulation in Brazil, launched a campaign last week to ‘safeguard democracy,’ publishing a wealth of educational material on the military dictatorship.

The paper’s motto, previously “A newspaper at the service of Brazil,” has been replaced by “A newspaper at the service of democracy,” which will remain in place until the...

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