Tensions grow in Brazil with protests in Brasília, São Paulo

The democratic crisis escalates, with Bolsonaro raising anti-democratic provocations and new forces taking to the streets against him

bolsonaro institutional problem (1)
President Jair Bolsonaro borrowed a horse from the Military Police while meeting supporters. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Another Sunday, another blatant anti-democratic provocation in defiance of social distancing measures in Brazil. Less than 24 hours after the country topped the mark of 500,000 Covid-19 infections, President Jair Bolsonaro joined protestors once more in the capital Brasília. The crowd — seemingly one of the largest since the beginning of the pandemic — demanded the total reopening of the Brazilian economy, as well as the shutdown of the Supreme Court and Congress. 

Mr. Bolsonaro was joined by his Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva, who recently endorsed threats against the Supreme Court made by the president’s chief security...

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