Bolsonaro corruption scandal “a matter of time,” says disenchanted ally

Major Olimpio, one of the president's most fervent allies during the election campaign, is now keeping the Bolsonaro government at arm's length

Bolsonaro corruption scandal "a matter of time," says disenchanted ally
Senator Major Olímpio. Photo: Marcelo Camargo/ABr

In today’s Brazil, a knock-on effect of President Jair Bolsonaro moving even further to the far-right inevitably means that anyone ever-so-slightly to his left will be erroneously singled out as a moderate. One of these false moderates is military police major-turned-senator Sérgio Olímpio Gomes, known around Brazil as simply Major Olímpio. 

A staunch advocate for Brazilians’ right to arm themselves to the teeth, for harsh punishments for criminals, and for the denial of treatment to prisoners with Covid-19, Major Olimpio is perhaps as reactionary as they come. Yet, after distancing himself from the Bolsonaro government due to spats...

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