Covid-19 forces Brazil’s Congress into de facto recess

Fears of transmission have led lawmakers to adopt special measures in Congress, which should lead to a de facto recess during the Covid-19 pandemic

financial aid Covid-19 forces Brazil's Congress into de facto recess
The House’s “Green Room,” almost empty. Photo: Lula Marques/APT

As Covid-19 spreads across Brazil, authorities are still struggling to find a way to deal with the virus. As of Monday afternoon, Brazil has confirmed 234 infections, with another 2,000-plus suspected cases—and the Health Ministry is foreseeing a “harsh 20 weeks ahead.” The response around the country has been quite erratic, with many—but not all—states forbidding crowds in places such as cinemas or gyms, and limiting access to public buildings.

In Congress, where many of the lawmakers and staff fall into risk groups on account of age, the outbreak has essentially caused an early holiday. Heading into this week,...

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