Brazil On The Record Issue #7 — What the Bolsonaro administration is doing

. Apr 19, 2019
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The latest issue of our Brazil On The Record Newsletter is out! From now on, this comprehensive report will come on a weekly basis. We bring you the most important laws, decrees, administrative acts, and executive orders which have been approved by President Jair Bolsonaro — and published on the Federal Register (the Diário Oficial da União).

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Table of contents: Issue #7 — April 15 to April 18

  1. Banks and Financial System
  2. Culture and Society
  3. Defense and Homeland Security
  4. Education
  5. Trade
  6. Healthcare
  7. Infrastructure and Logistics
  8. Business and investments
  9. Public administration
  10. Social Programs

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If something has not been published on the Federal Register, it doesn’t exist, as far as the Brazilian government is concerned. Everything the Jair Bolsonaro administration has turned into law must be on the Federal Register.

Brazil’s Federal Register is published on a daily basis — and is the only space in which the federal government can’t lie. But what multiple administrations do is try to camouflage potentially controversial subjects under a thick layer of legalese.

And that’s where we come in. We will break down precisely what you should be paying attention to—sorting the content by subject, to optimize your reading.

You will realize that most of what you will receive in your inbox won’t make headlines in the press. But that doesn’t mean these subjects are not important — or that they aren’t impactful. As you know, newsrooms are getting smaller and most can’t follow what is published on the Federal Record. But we can.

We will not focus on the information that you have seen in the press. What we want to do is bring you what you won’t find in your daily newspaper.

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