Michel Temer in office: Assessing the first two years

president michel temer slave labor
Michel Temer, a president for big business. Photo: Lula Marques/AGPT

In October 2009, the historian Luiz Felipe de Alencastro wrote that it was a risk for Dilma Rousseff to have Michel Temer as her vice president. Temer embodies the gargantuan appetite of his pork-barreling Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB). It would be, as Alencastro asserted, the marriage between someone who had never had a single vote in her life with a professional politician who handles the congressional machine better than anyone.

On May 12, 2016, Michel Temer took over as President after pushing Rousseff out of office. He was little-known to Brazilians, had no national voting potential, and had come this far...

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