Congress prepares for a slow year of work as elections loom

Lawmakers in Brazil typically vote on and approve far fewer bills during an election year, meaning that key reforms and controversial topics should be put on the back burner in 2022

congress congressional year
Lawmakers gather at a session to inaugurate the 2022 congressional year. Photo: Marina Ramos/CD/CC-BY 4.0

In October, Brazilian citizens will not only vote for a new president and vice-president, but also governors, senators, and federal and state legislators. In all, more than 1,600 politicians will be elected. However, amid the distraction of the looming vote, Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco is urging his fellow lawmakers to remain focused on their work in Congress. “Elections cannot stifle legislative work,” he stated, hoping that he will be able to approve the long overdue public service and tax reforms this year.

This is wishful thinking from Mr. Pacheco: legislative productivity has historically declined in election years, and 2022...

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