Brazil’s humane refugee policies put developed countries to shame

Faced with hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans crossing its borders, Brazil has set up pragmatic, humane and effective systems for welcoming refugees

Venezuelan family flying from the crisis, begging for work and money on the streets. Photo: Jarno Verdonk/Shutterstock

In the eyes of more developed nations, the global south is often seen as a source of refugees, and it is not uncommon to see policies implemented to make it harder for these individuals to be welcomed into the U.S., United Kingdom, or major European nations. However, Brazil recently set a bold precedent that could force the global north to adjust its lens: the country’s policies toward Venezuelan refugees, in contrast to their wealthier peers, has been pragmatic, humane and sensible.

Venezuela’s political, economic and social collapse has generated a population hemorrhage. More than 4.5 million—or one in seven...

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