“Anti-corruption” protesters turn a blind eye to Prosecutor General race

"Anti-corruption" protesters turn a blind eye to Prosecutor General race
In 2016, millions took to the streets to protest against the government of Dilma Rousseff and ask for her impeachment. Photo: Shutterstock

One of the keys to the success of the Car Wash investigation—the inquiry into political corruption that upended Brazil’s political system between 2014 and 2017—was the weaponization of street protests to tip the scale against elected officials and private actors accused of wrongdoing. By publicly endorsing calls for mobilization, then-federal judge Sergio Moro and prosecutor Deltan Dalagnol helped right-wing social movements coordinate waves of public protests which kept the political establishment on its toes. 

Arguably the people on the streets prevented the political concertation proposed by former Senate majority leader, Romero Jucá, who sought to cease investigations and protect...

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