October 19 is a very, very special day for us: it marks The Brazilian Report ‘s first anniversary! It seems like a million years ago that we launched our bold plan to explain Brazil to foreign audiences and provide the world with a Brazilian perspective of what is going on in this country. That’s because a lot has happened since we’ve come online.

We have overseen the country’s struggles to overcome its worst recession in history, we’ve covered the conviction and arrest of former President Lula, the most popular politician in Brazilian history. From the get-go, we have witnessed – and denounced very early – the rising tide of authoritarianism and intolerance in Brazil.

We are a very niche website – mainly focused on Brazilian politics and economics, covering our country in English. On top of that, we have always kept our independence, relying on self-funding and revenue from our readers – who subscribe to read our articles, our weekly reports, and daily newsletters.

We started with a very low profile but have since grown a lot. So far, we’ve gathered over 40,000 followers on Facebook, over 2,000 on Twitter, and over 1,400 on Instagram.  

Since October 19, 2017, we’ve published 607 articles from 64 authors – contextualizing what’s going on in Brazil, explaining parts of our history, breaking down how our political, judicial, and tax systems work (to name but a few). We have also launched a weekly cartoon section, and our very own podcast, discussing the hot topics in Brazil – from Rio de Janeiro’s federal intervention to the growing risk of new disease outbreaks to the ins and outs of our electoral system.

The Brazilian Report ‘s operation started off with three members of staff. Now, we have six full-time team members, more than a dozen columnists, and a network of freelance journalists that help us bring a new, independent perspective to news about Brazil. Our journalists have been invited to give their accounts by other news outlets, like the BBC (UK), WNYC Radio (U.S.), Conflits (France), The Independent (UK), Al Jazeera (Qatar), L’Indro (Italy), among others.

Our peers recognize our voice – and most importantly, so do you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our journey as much as we have, and we promise that new ventures will come in the near future. Make no mistake, we are always thinking about how to deliver better, more precise, and more analytical content about our beloved country.

Thank you very much for an unforgettable year!

Gustavo Ribeiro and Laura Quirin, founders of The Brazilian Report

OpinionOct 19, 2018

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BY Gustavo Ribeiro

An award-winning journalist with experience covering Brazilian politics and international affairs. His work has been featured across Brazilian and French media outlets.

BY Laura Quirin

Laura is one of The Brazilian Report's founders. She started her career in China and moved to Brazil in 2015.