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Brazilians are spending more abroad

Demand for travel has seen a notable increase, but it remains below pre-pandemic levels, held back by high fuel prices, rising inflation, and a still-disfavorable exchange rate

spending abroad Airport in Vitória. Photo: Sergio Rangel/Shutterstock
Airport in Vitória. Photo: Sergio Rangel/Shutterstock

After Covid restrictions and the pandemic-led economic downturn kept Brazilians grounded, they have returned to once again spending more abroad. In February, expenses on international trips totaled USD 805 million. The number represents a 235-percent increase compared to the same month last year, showing that the international tourism sector is on the rebound, albeit a timid one. 

  • According to Central Bank data released on Friday, Brazilians spent USD 1.49 billion in other countries during the first two months of the year. That’s more than double what they spent in January and February of 2021. 

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