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Petrobras privatization? Not so fast …

Good morning! Petrobras privatization talks are likely to be bluster with the election campaign approaching. Senators from the Covid inquiry trying another strategy to hold Bolsonaro criminally accountable. Brazil’s Green Growth Program is no more than recycled proposals.

Don’t believe the Petrobras privatization hype, part 2

petrobras privatization
At this point, a Petrobras privatization is unlikely. Photo: Sergio Rangel/Shutterstock

Two years ago, shares of Brazilian state-controlled firms skyrocketed after reports that the government planned on privatizing Petrobras by the end of Jair Bolsonaro’s term. At the time, we warned readers there was little substance to the promise. And the government remained quiet on that front until Monday, when both President Jair Bolsonaro...

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