Brazil surpasses 10 million Covid-19 cases

Brazil surpasses 10 million Covid-19 cases
Photo: Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock

According to the latest coronavirus update by the Health Ministry, Brazil has reached the unwelcome milestone of 10 million confirmed cases. The country has the world’s third-highest number of infections, behind only India and the U.S.

Meanwhile, the country has reported the world’s second-highest death toll with almost 244,000. When looking at the number of deaths per capita, Brazil ranks 22nd — back in October, it had the fourth highest rate of coronavirus mortality per million inhabitants.

However, as experts have warned since the beginning of the pandemic, numbers in Brazil are vastly underestimated due to a lack of testing data in the country. 

Moreover, at least nine state capitals are running out (or have already run out) of vaccine jabs. Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello had promised governors that 230 million new doses will be distributed by the end of July. But the government says it will have to re-evaluate its plan due to delays in production, caused by a lack of inputs from China.

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