Colombia to receive 20 million doses in February

Colombia to receive 20 million doses in February
Presidential committee to discuss the pandemic. Photo: PR Colombia

Gina Tambini, director of the Pan American Health Organization (Paho) for Colombia, announced that the country will receive 20 million doses from the UN-backed COVAX facility “in the first week of February.”

Latin America’s third-most populous country has yet to begin its vaccination program, but preparations are on schedule, including the purchase of 44 new refrigerators to store the first doses to arrive next month. 

Besides being part of the COVAX facility, Colombia has also pre-contracts to receive 10 million doses from Pfizer, 10 million from Oxford/AstraZeneca and another 18 million units from Janssen — the vaccine of which had its effectiveness proven in recent studies. So far, Covid-19 has killed 50,000 people in Colombia and infected more than 1.9 million.

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