Curitiba mayor admitted to hospital with Covid-19

mayor curitiba coronavirus
Rafael Greca. Photo: DEM

Rafael Greca, the mayor of the southern city of Curitiba, was admitted to a hospital along with his wife after the couple showed severe Covid-19 symptoms. According to the mayor’s press office, the pair suffered from pneumonia days after testing positive for the coronavirus. Aged 64 and overweight, Mr. Greca is considered an at-risk patient.

The city of Curitiba has confirmed over 43,000 Covid-19 infections and over 1,200 deaths so far.

Mr. Greca is running for re-election this year and was taken to the hospital on his second day of campaigning. His administration enjoys an approval rate of 71 percent, and he is heavily favored to win come November. A recent poll shows him polling over 40 percent — almost 30 percentage points ahead of any other candidate.

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