Brazil fails to control Covid-19 transmission

Imperial College London: Brazil fails to control Covid-19 transmission

The transmission rate (the so-called Rt) of Covid-19 in Brazil has gone up yet again, only a week after reaching its lowest levels since April, two months after the pandemic arrived in Brazil. New research from Imperial College London shows that the Rt rose in the 36th week of the pandemic and returned to the levels of “uncontrolled” or “active” disease.

This means that every infected person transmits the virus to at least 1 (one) person. 

In its previous report, the ICL showed Brazil managed to achieve a rate of 0.94, but it didn’t last longer than a week. Until August, Brazil recorded 16 consecutive weeks with a transmission rate above 1, making it the country in Latin America which registered the longest period of >1 levels of Rt.

Currently, Paraguay (1.20) and Argentina (1.17) have the worst rates, though these two bordering nations have shown an overall better performance when compared to Brazil in both the general and proportional coronavirus numbers.

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