July was the deadliest month of the pandemic in Brazil

deadliest coronavirus month
Photo: Chekin/Shutterstock

According to the Brazilian Health Ministry’s official figures, July was the deadliest month since the coronavirus arrived in Brazil, late in February. At least 32,912 Brazilians died last month.

However, due to underreporting, the real figures are probably much higher. Still, coronavirus deaths in Brazil last month outnumber the entire total tallies for several countries that have been badly hit by the pandemic, such as France (30,135), Spain (28,445), or Russia (14,128).

With no end in sight for the pandemic, Brazil’s death count is increasing with each month that passes, even as states and cities end lockdown measures.

With 2.7 million confirmed cases and 93,616 deaths, Brazil is the second-worst-hit country by the coronavirus with only the U.S. recording more deaths and infections.

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