Federal government in penultimate place in pandemic transparency rankings

Federal government in penultimate place in pandemic transparency rankings
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According to the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International’s rankings of emergency procurement in Brazil during the pandemic, the federal government is the second least transparent administration in the country, only outdoing the Amazonian state of Roraima. This is the first time the federal government has been included in these rankings, which measure all state administrations and capital cities.

The study, released on Friday, was the third edition of the rankings.

The federal government managed to gain only 49.3 points out of a possible 100, while Roraima managed a measly 40.5 points. According to Transparency International, the principal information portal for the federal government shows very few details about emergency contracts and doesn’t have any open data, considered crucial for transparency. Similar portals utilized by state governments show significantly more details, including the actual figures involved in the contracts, according to the organization. 

The study analyzed websites, social networks, and portals of 26 states and the Federal District along with 27 state capitals, based on the guidebook for Transparency and Emergency Contracts in Response to Covid-19, produced in partnership with the Federal Accounts Court. The average transparency ranking among Brazilian states was 59.5 points. Ceará, Espírito Santo, and Rondônia were each awarded a perfect score of 100 points.

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