Cars use ‘drive-thru’ inside São Paulo shopping mall

shopping mall brazil pandemic

In most cases, drive-thru services consist of people using their cars to order and pick up their items outside a restaurant or store. But not at the Shopping Botucatu mall, in the interior of São Paulo state. To avoid breaking quarantine, the mall is encouraging customers to literally drive their cars through the mall to continue shopping. 

The city of Botucatu is only allowing essential services to open, being in phase one of the “São Paulo Plan,” created by Governor João Doria’s Contingency Center to fight the pandemic in the state. As of today, São Paulo has recorded 15,321 deaths and 302,179 cases. 

According to State Health Secretary José Henrique Germann, the state will record between 18,000 and 23,000 deaths from Covid-19 by July 15, and at least 335,000 to 470,000 confirmed cases.

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