São Paulo’s LGBTQ parade held virtually

lgbtq parade são paulo pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed São Paulo’s world-famous LGBTQ parade, the largest in the world, from Paulista Avenue to video-conference apps. The event streamed on Sunday, beginning at 2 pm across several YouTube channels. Live viewership was high as 30,000 viewers on the most popular channels.

The LGBTQ event will last for eight hours, including performances from major Brazilian artists such as Daniela Mercury and Gloria Groove. Other artists — such as Pabllo Vittar, Ivete Sangalo, Lorelay Fox, and Katy Perry — have also sent solidarity messages aired during the live streaming.

Without being able to fill out the Paulista Avenue this year, a colorful light show rainbow will be displayed across the city of São Paulo in honor of the event. The so-called “Global Rainbow” will be visible for 60 kilometers across the city. This year’s parade also joined demonstrations in favor of democracy, amid calls from different parts of the Brazilian civil society for solidarity against President Bolsonaro’s government. 

Organizers still plan on holding an in-person parade in November, if the coronavirus crisis is contained by then — a big if.

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