What are Brazilians googling during the pandemic?

What are Brazilians googling during the pandemic?
Photo: Ascannio

As expected, Covid-19 is the main subject Brazilians are googling. But data from Google Trends allows us to see what about the pandemic is getting people’s attention. Brazilians want to know where the virus comes from, what it is, and when the infection curve will reach its peak in Brazil. Other related questions Brazilians are googling:

  • What to do during the quarantine?
  • What to do if suspected with Covid-19?
  • Can’t breathe; what should I do?

Google Trends also shows that searches about ventilators, intensive care units, and vaccines against Covid-19 have been at their highest levels ever recorded. Besides their worries related to the pandemic, Brazilians are curious about the newly-appointed Health Minister, Nelson Teich. They also want to know which artists will host “live concerts” on social media, and the state of the government-issued BRL 600 emergency salary for informal workers.