Under new head, Health Ministry suffers delays in Covid-19 victim info

Under new minister, Health Ministry experiences delays in the release of Covid-19 victims’ profiles
Health Minister Nelson Teich. Photo: José Dias/PR

Under new Health Minister Nelson Teich, the Health Ministry is experiencing a delay in the release of information on individuals who died from Covid-19. Initially published on a daily basis, data on victims’ gender, age, and ethnicity are now only released once a week since Mr. Teich was sworn in on April 17. According to the Ministry, “the frequency was extended in order to better qualify the data to be presented to the population.” The ministry, however, has not released new data for the past 10 days.

Mr. Teich’s first three weeks in office have been rocky.

On Wednesday, his department bungled the official Covid-19 stats — for the second time since he took office. The ministry informed 6,472 cases in the South — updating moments later to 6,594. It also informed one fewer death. While the ministry quickly updated the figures, but did not warn about the mistake. At time of update, some websites, such as Yahoo! Brasil, still displayed outdated figures.