⚠️ UPDATE: 33,682 cases, 2,141 deaths

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After a slight decrease in the number of confirmed Covid-19 victims on Thursday, the Health Ministry reported 3,657 new coronavirus infections and 217 deaths today — a new all-time high for both indicators. Brazil has now 33,682 confirmed cases and 2,141 deaths.

The record number of cases and deaths comes on new Health Minister Nelson Teich’s very first day in the job, underlining the gargantuan task ahead of him.

The coronavirus lethality rate is also on the rise, jumping one percentage point to 6.4 percent in the space of a week. States in the Northeast show the worst indicators. With a mortality rate of 13.3 percent, Paraíba is the worst state for infected patients, followed by Pernambuco with 3.8. With only three reported deaths, the northernmost state of Roraima has a 1.8 percent lethality rate — the lowest in the country — though underreporting may be a factor.