Prosecutor General says states and municipalities should decide on social isolation

Prosecutor General Augusto Aras
Prosecutor General Augusto Aras. Photo: Lula Marques/APT

The political isolation of President Jair Bolsonaro saw further developments on Wednesday as Prosecutor General Augusto Aras — who was handpicked by Mr. Bolsonaro last year — argued that states and municipalities should decide whether or not to enact social isolation measures.

Mr. Aras’ statement was sent to the Supreme Court in a case that discusses the possibility of the federal government issuing a decree that would end social isolation throughout Brazil. Such a measure would be impossible at the present moment, as Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes issued an injunction preventing the president from overruling decisions of governors and mayors.

This Supreme Court decision is not yet final, however, as it will need to be confirmed by the other 10 justices. The outcome of this trial is uncertain, but Mr. Aras’ contribution could sway the court’s decision.