Brazilian malls thinking of business in “post-pandemic” world

Brazilian malls thinking of business in "post-pandemic" world

Brazilian malls are going through a “delicate” period, according to sector representatives, with every single establishment in the country currently closed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Administrators, however, are already envisioning how they should change their businesses once restrictions are lifted. Abrasce, the association of Brazilian shopping malls, is handing out a guide with hygiene recommendations and instructions on how to deal with financial losses and default from store owners.

The association is particularly concerned with the possibility of using temperature screening to control access to premises — as it could trigger a wave of lawsuits from customers who feel exposed. They also advise malls to replace plastic trays in food courts for disposable materials as a way to reduce the risks of contamination. The guide also discusses ways to disinfect clients’ shoes at entrances and cars’ tires in parking lots.

As we reported in May 2019, the current business model of Brazilian malls is already under threat from a growing e-commerce industry, and some administrators are moving to launch their own online platforms, integrating store stocks to deliver goods to nearby customers. Perhaps Covid-19 will fast-track this process.