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Rosa Weber to take over Supreme Court’s rotating presidency

rosa weber supreme court
Photo: Fellipe Sampaio/SCO/STF

Supreme Court Justice Rosa Weber was elected by her peers this Wednesday to take over as Chief Justice on September 12.

In Brazil, Chief Justices serve two-year terms. It is tradition to always elect the most senior justice who has not yet served as the 11-member court’s president.

Justice Weber was nominated in 2011 by then-President Dilma Rousseff. She will not serve a full stint as Chief Justice because she turns 75 in October 2023, when she will be forced to retire under Brazilian law.

While concurrently sitting on the Superior Electoral Court, Justice Weber previously served as its head, presiding over the elections in 2018.

As Chief Justice, Rosa Weber will have power over the court’s agenda. She will also be responsible for emergency rulings when the court is in recess.