Justice Minister expected to address Senate about Amazon murders

Justice Minister Anderson Torres. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR dom phillips bruno pereira
Justice Minister Anderson Torres. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

Brazilian Justice Minister Anderson Torres is expected to appear before the Senate to address the government’s actions regarding the murders of indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips.

A joint session of the Senate’s Human Rights Committee and the special committee created this week to probe the government’s response to the case was scheduled for today, but ended up being postponed. A new date has yet to be chosen.

Mr. Torres did address the matter last week in the House, but there are two key differences this time around.

When he spoke before the House, Messrs. Pereira and Phillips were still officially missing. Since then, three men have confessed to having carried out the murders or assisting with the disposal of their bodies. 

Moreover, the Senate tends to be less government-friendly than the House. The Senate was responsible for last year’s Covid inquiry, for example, and has also been pushing to investigate alleged influence-peddling schemes (for which former Education Minister Milton Ribeiro was arrested on Wednesday).