Brazil’s indigenous in Europe to denounce “environment destruction”

indigenous europe
Indigenous leader Cassimiro Tapeba. Photo: Apib

The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib), one of the country’s most important native peoples’ organizations, will be in Paris and Brussels between June 8 and 16 in order to denounce the Brazilian state’s role in what they call “a trail of destruction” in indigenous territories. 

Apib representatives will reinforce complaints made to the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the Jair Bolsonaro administration has committed crimes against humanity and genocide – which, however, are unlikely to prosper during Mr. Bolsonaro’s terms. 

Leaders of the association will also hold meetings with European Parliament commissions to discuss the impacts of Brazilian agribusiness — especially soy and livestock — on indigenous lands.

Apib Executive Coordinator Dinamam Tuxá said that international actions to “fight this scenario of institutional instability” are “urgently needed.” 

The visit occurs while Brazil awaits news of the whereabouts of indigenous expert Bruno Araújo and British journalist Dom Phillips. Known for their work denouncing invasions of reserve lands, the pair went missing outside the Vale do Javari reserve on Sunday.