Supreme Court reaches majority against using education funds to fight Covid

supreme court covid education
Justices don’t want schools to lose funding. Photo: Tânia Rêgo/ABr

Brazil’s Supreme Court formed a majority to veto the use of funds from the National Basic Education Development Fund (Fundeb) for pandemic efforts. Justices agree that the funds destined for education should not be allocated to different sectors, as stated by the case’s rapporteur, Justice Carmén Lúcia. 

The use of Fundeb cash for anti-Covid measures was initially requested by Piauí Governor Wellington Dias, who intends to transfer around BRL 578 million (USD 111.7 million) of the state’s BRL 1.6 billion education fund. Mr. Dias says it is an exception due to the health crisis, arguing the total fund budget was not expected to be used for education. 

The trial — which is taking place virtually — is set to reach a conclusion on Friday.