Brazilians’ trust in the press remains stable, but low

trust press
Illustration: Rudall30/Shutterstock

Data from Edelman’s annual trust barometer shows that global trust in both government officials and members of the press has declined in democracies around the world. The survey spoke to 36,000 people from over 28 countries. 

Results were classified into three groups, ‘do not trust’ (1 to 49 percent trust), ‘neutral’ (50 to 59%), and ‘trust’ (60 to 100%). Brazil remained stable with 51 points, while Chinese respondents saw an 11-point jump, leading the ranking with 83% trust in government and the press. Mexico and Colombia also showed no variation, remaining at 59 and 48%, respectively. 

The report shows that around 67 percent of respondents said journalists and government leaders purposefully try to mislead people with exaggerated or false information. Compared to 2020, trust in the media dropped in 15 out of 27 countries, with Brazil saw its trust in the media drop, with 47 percent of Brazilians believing in what journalists write and say.