Embraer and Fokker sign agreement for commercial jets and defense

Embraer Fokker agreement
Embraer’s C-390 Millennium. Photo: Montelucca/Shutterstock

Brazilian planemaker Embraer announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Dutch aircraft manufacturers Fokker Techniek and Fokker Services for joint exploration in the defense, commercial aviation, services, and support markets.

In a statement, the Brazilian company says that, in the coming months, the companies will join forces to explore a range of possibilities in new projects and services.

“Whether it is the defense market with our support for the C-390 Millennium transport aircraft, or any type of support or development in the commercial aviation market, we are confident that many exciting projects will emerge in the coming years,” said Menzo van der Beek, Fokker Services’ CEO. 

In the defense sector, in addition to the C-390 Millennium, the companies are discussing the conversion and completion of special transport aircraft. In commercial aviation, the focus will be on supporting engineering and logistics, in addition to developing hydrogen-powered aircraft. The companies will also discuss after-sales support, logistics, and repair services.“

Embraer is the ideal partner for this collaboration. Our history and deep knowledge of aircraft products and solutions will allow us to bring a unique perspective on the various areas of development in which Embraer is researching,” said Roland van Dijk, Fokker Techniek’s CEO.