Cosan shareholder dies in plane crash in São Paulo

cosan plane crash
Photo: Rafapress/Shutterstock

Businessman Celso Silveira Mello Filho, a shareholder of Brazilian energy conglomerate Cosan, died this Tuesday morning after a plane he was on crashed in the city of Piracicaba, in São Paulo state.

According to the company, the businessman’s wife Maria Luiza Meneghel and the couple’s three children also died — alongside pilot Celso Carloni and co-pilot Giovani Gulo. The causes of the accident remain unknown.

The plane crashed in a remote area of the city and the resulting explosion caused a forest fire to break out. According to the Fire Department, six vehicles are still in the area to control the blazes.

Cosan shares are operating up by 3.45 percent at the moment.

This is a developing story.