Brazilians eager to get vaccinated, shows poll

vaccines During anti-Bolsonaro protest, Brazilians ask the question: "Where is my vaccine?" Angela Macario/Shutterstock
During anti-Bolsonaro protest, Brazilians ask the question: “Where is my vaccine?” Angela Macario/Shutterstock

Throughout the pandemic, Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has claimed on more than one occasion that his country’s citizens are wary about vaccinating themselves against Covid-19. However, a new poll from Ipespe, commissioned by major brokerage firm XP, has proved otherwise. Ninety percent of respondents have either already received vaccines or are eager to get inoculated. 

The data corroborates the perception that Brazil’s vaccination campaign is finally picking up steam. One month ago, 60 percent of the interviewees declared they would definitely vaccinate themselves, while only 28 percent had already done so. Now, 42 percent of respondents have received at least one shot and 48 percent are eager to do the same.

The share of those who plan on rejecting vaccination fell from 5 percent to a mere 3 percent in July. The 7 percent of people who remain on the fence, however, could hinder the country’s charge toward blanket immunity. As we reported in our July 8 story, the rise of “vaccine sommeliers” — people who refuse to take certain vaccines based on the label, due to fears of side effects or efficacy concerns — is causing concern to the Brazilian scientific community.