Maranhão announces major vaccination push

maranhão vaccination
Governor Flávio Dino. Photo: Valter Campanato/ABr

Maranhão Governor Flávio Dino declared on Twitter that his state will carry out a 41-hour coronavirus vaccination marathon for all adults aged 29 or over. The immunization campaign takes place in São José de Ribamar, the third-most populous city in Maranhão (180,000 residents).

Mr. Dino also said that Alcântara, a municipality of 22,000 people, will start vaccinating anyone over 18 from Friday onward. State capital São Luís had already announced its vaccination schedule for people between 35 and 43 years old.

Last week, Brazil’s federal health regulator Anvisa gave six states (including Maranhão) special authorization to import 4 million doses of India’s Covaxin and nearly 1 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V. 

However, the agency stopped short of granting either vaccine emergency use approval. One member of Anvisa’s board explained the rationale, saying Brazil “cannot afford to waste vaccine options.” Rollouts in the country have lowered from nearly 900,000 jabs a day late in April to 374,000 now.