Uruguay says CoronaVac is 66-percent effective in preventing Covid-19

Uruguay: CoronaVac effective
Photo: PhotobyTawat/Shutterstock

A study carried by the Uruguayan Health Ministry found that the CoronaVac vaccine reduced Covid-19 infections in health professionals by 66 percent, 14 days after a second dose, while the Pfizer vaccine diminished cases by 78.2 percent.

The South American country has already vaccinated 58 percent of its population, which gives an interesting indication for other countries administering the CoronaVac and Pfizer immunizers, such as Brazil. 

The study also analyzed hospitalizations among different population cohorts. CoronaVac reduced deaths by 95.3 percent in citizens aged 18 to 49 years old, and by 95.2 percent in citizens aged between 50 and 69. Casualties among people over 80s who took the Pfizer vaccine fell by 94 percent. 

The ministry warns that this is preliminary data and researchers are still crunching the numbers to fully calculate the efficacy of both vaccines on people with pre-existing conditions.