São Paulo governor breaches Covid rules and fuels criticism

joão doria são paulo covid restrictions
Governor Doria in Rio. Photo: Instagram

While São Paulo is braced for a third Covid-19 wave, Governor João Doria was spotted sunbathing without a mask at a swanky Rio de Janeiro hotel last week. The matter drew criticism from supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro, who are staunchly opposed to the São Paulo governor. 

In a press statement, Mr. Doria’s office confirmed the veracity of the images, saying that the governor did indeed spend last week’s Corpus Christi holiday at a hotel with his wife, but stressed that he “did not cause any public gatherings.” Mr. Doria received his second dose of Covid-19 vaccination on June 4, though authorities say full immunization is only reached two weeks after the shot. 

Bolsonaro-supporting politicians — such as the president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, and Carla Zambelli — took to social media to criticize Mr. Doria, who has been championing social isolation rules since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Mr. Doria is also not the first social isolation supporter to be spotted breaching the rules. In January, the late mayor of São Paulo Bruno Covas was heavily criticized for attending a soccer game in Rio Janeiro with his son.