Latin America

Chile’s Constitutional Assembly reaches decisive agreement

Controversy around eliminating the Senate threw the convention into crisis, but parties are now on the verge of approving a new political system

Constitutional assembly session in Santiago. Photo: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters via Alamy
Constitutional Convention session in Santiago. Photo: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters via Alamy

Only a month after the start of the general voting process to incorporate proposals into the final text, it seemed like Chile’s Constitutional Assembly was close to falling apart. 

Out of 96 articles introduced by the crucial Political System committee, 93 were roundly rejected by the body, as left and center-left groups could not find agreement on the Executive branch’s powers and on the extremely thorny question of the possible elimination of the Senate.

The whole discussion was sent back to the committee for a final re-draft – the final chance to reach an agreement according to the norms regulating...

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