Latin America

Quest for centrist voters makes for tepid final debate in Chile

Both Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast strived to score points against their rival and present themselves as moderate candidates. However, this means important policy discussions were largely overlooked

Debate chile president boric kast
Boric (left) and Kast arrive at the debate stage. Photo: Elvis Gonzalez/EFE/Folhapress

SANTIAGO – The last standing presidential candidates in Chile, left-wing Gabriel Boric and far-right José Antonio Kast, had their last face-to-face debate on Monday, six days before voters head to the polls to decide which of the two will become the country’s next president. The encounter showed both men adopting large doses of moderation, gesturing to the voters in the political center who will ultimately decide the dispute. But their care not to say the wrong thing in the final debate left Chileans with more doubts than answers about the future governments of either candidate.

Mr. Boric, for instance, admitted...

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