Latin America

Peru government crisis deepens with major cabinet reshuffle

Less than three months into his presidency, Pedro Castillo is threatened by a coalition breakdown that will force him to pivot to the center

castillo bellido peru cabinet
Pedro Castillo. Photo: Presidencia de Perú

The neverending crisis in Peru’s government came to a crunch yesterday as President Pedro Castillo asked Cabinet Chief Guido Bellido for his resignation, triggering a cabinet reshuffle that ended with seven new ministers sworn in late last night. A rift has now been opened with the Perú Libre party that took Mr. Castillo to the presidency just 70 days ago.

Mr. Bellido, a pro-Cuban left-winger, was the face of the most radical faction of the administration, closely aligned with Perú Libre boss Vladimir Cerrón, whom many saw as pulling the strings during the first two months of...

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