Latin America

Unions up the pressure on Uruguayan President Lacalle Pou

Anger over hastily passed reforms has driven workers to the streets, with the president’s previously high approval ratings – driven by a good pandemic performance – taking a hit

uruguay strike lacalle pou
President Lacalle Pou of Uruguay. Photo: Presidencia de la República

Uruguay’s unions are increasing their mobilization against the Luis Lacalle Pou administration, with thousands taking to the streets during a nationwide 24-hour strike on Wednesday — the third and biggest since the ruling right-wing coalition took office — protesting a decline in real wages and working conditions, and demanding the elimination of a series of reforms imposed by the administration.

At issue is a reform package approved through emergency mechanisms by President Lacalle Pou shortly after taking office, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Those special circumstances, the president argued, allowed for streamlined congressional debate to pass...

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