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Port workers’ strike ends, but grain producers in Argentina still face concerns

Grain exporters in Argentina are facing further concerns: droughts are lowering river levels and hindering cargo shipments

Argentina grains exports
Cargo ship in the Parana river, anchored off the coast of Rosario. Photo: Alex Ruhl/Shutterstocl

A port workers’ strike in the Argentinian city of Rosario lasted for just a few hours yesterday — but it was enough to strongarm the government into including these employees in the government’s coronavirus vaccine priority groups. Speaking to The Brazilian Report, Guillermo Wade, manager of the Chamber of Port and Sea Activities in Argentina (CAPyM), confirmed that unions were granted their demands after just a handful of meetings with the Health, Transportation, and Labor Ministries.

Argentina is the world’s largest exporter of soybean oil and meal and the third largest corn exporter. Around 80 percent of all the country’s agricultural...

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