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What good will Chile’s new constitution really do?

One political scientist believes Chileans are being too optimistic about the benefits of a new constitution, without realizing the risks

constitution Chile has waken up," said protesters in 2019. Photo: Aus films/Shutterstock
“Chile has waken up,” said protesters in 2019. Photo: Aus films/Shutterstock

Chile is undergoing its worst moment of the coronavirus pandemic so far, as the seven-day average of new daily cases rise sharply and hospital networks are approaching a state of collapse. In crisis, the country postponed elections scheduled for April 10 and 11 vote, in which Chileans were set to choose 155 members of the assembly that will draft the country’s new constitution. 

The election will now take place on May 16.

In October 2020, Chileans voted to tear up their constitution, a relic from the brutal Augusto Pinochet dictatorship. The country now needs to elect the members of...

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