Latin America

Chile puts constitution to a vote after year of civil unrest

Chileans will hold a referendum  to decide whether or not to write a new constitution — and who gets to draft it

chile constitution plebiscite
The streets of Santiago were taken by unsatisfied Chileans. Photo: Alex Otero/DRCL/Shutterstock

One year ago, Chileans took their anger over inequality and injustice to the streets, insisting that redressing the nation’s deep structural problems would require more than just reformism. In fact, protesters demanded an entirely new Chilean constitution, with more rights and better social protection.

Soon, they will find out whether the rest of the country agrees with them.

On October 25, Chile will hold a referendum to ask voters two questions: should Chile convene a constituent assembly to write a brand-new constitution? If so, who should be involved in this process, an assembly comprising half congressional representatives and half...

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