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Covid-19, terrorism charges: is Maduro done in Venezuela?

As coronavirus hits the Americas, Venezuela's embattled president receives a bounty for his capture from the U.S. government

maduro venezuela
President Nicolás Maduro during a Covid-19 meeting. Photo: PR VZ via FP

Over the past few years, Venezuela has been battered by a full-scale socioeconomic collapse. Marred by political instability, an authoritarian government, and a currency meltdown, the country was already facing shortages of food, fuels, and basic goods. In Venezuelan hospitals, medicine and equipment were scarce — and the country had only 73 critical care beds to over 28 million people.

And that was before the coronavirus threat came to the Americas.

To make matters worse, the U.S. government has officially accused President Nicolás Maduro of narcoterrorism, money laundering, and drug trafficking, placing a USD 15-million bounty for information leading...

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