Bolsonaro feigns a return of the Amazon Fund

After ignoring and gutting the Amazon Fund for years, the Jair Bolsonaro administration now appears to want to revive it. Experts remain skeptical, however

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Federal marshals destroy an illegal wildcat mining camp in Jacareacanga, in Pará. The region lies on the banks of the Tapajós River. Photo: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress

Brazil’s Environment Ministry created a working group on Monday with the alleged objective of “reactivating” the Amazon Fund, which has been suspended for approximately three years. However, experts consulted by The Brazilian Report say the maneuver is little more than an electoral stunt.

An ordinance published on Brazil’s Federal Register says the group will comprise just four members — all of them ministry employees — with the task of “analyzing and proposing governance structures of the Amazon Fund and its objectives as a financing instrument for national public policies.”

The group is to start working on August 2 and...

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