Brazil’s untapped biomethane potential

A byproduct of organic waste, this clean energy source could replace diesel and play an important role in the energy transition

biomethane brazil
Biomethane-powered truck in front of the presidential palace, as the government launches a biomethane program in March 2022. Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Brazil has long boasted a comparatively clean energy matrix, thanks to significant hydroelectric power output in the country. However, as climate change makes hydro an increasingly unreliable power source – and pressure grows for countries to diversify and clean up their energy mix – attention is turning to alternative renewables. One of these is biogas, and its purer derivative, biomethane. 

Biogas is obtained from organic waste – typically agricultural crops, animal manure, household waste, and human sewage – which undergoes a process known as anaerobic digestion to separate the gasses from the organic matter. The resultant biogas is composed of methane...

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