Brazil has its own Green New Deal. But can the country afford it?

Proposed by the opposition's House whip, the Brazilian Green New Deal has plenty going for it, but its price tag could be too steep for a country mired in fiscal uncertainty

green new deal brazil
Forest area in Cavalcante, Goiás. Photo: Eduardo Knapp/Folhapress

Despite a lack of federal coordination for a nationwide environmental strategy, there are multiple actors in Brazil’s public and private sectors pushing for a more hands-on agenda in 2022 and beyond. Voter behavior in this year’s general elections will largely be dictated by the economy, despite a lack of consistent nationwide projects under discussion — however, green-oriented proposals are gaining momentum in Brazilian politics.

Among the boldest of these initiatives is the so-called Brazilian Green New Deal, or GND-BR, authored by center-left Congressman Alessandro Molon in partnership with a group of economists from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,...

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